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Jul 18, 2010 11:00pm EDT
senator chuck schumer is calling on the u.s. government to investigate the role bp played in the release of the convicted locker bibombing suspect. there is evidence that bp worked for the release of the person in exchange for release of oil fields. he is urging the u.s. and british governments to take a closer look at bp's actions. >> a new study aiming to protect the chesapeake bay is expecteded to be announced tomorrow. the congressman plans to announce a funding for a federal study. the congressman says blue crab and oysters have been studied for years. but microorganism the could lead to a better environment and more prouktive fisheries. democrats denied any trouble in the upcoming elections. joe biden led the way, spreading the meng that democrats are not -- the message that democrats are not losing control. >> we are going to win the house, and we are going to win the senate. >> this is a tough climate, but we are to have campaigners, and we are a tough people. >> republicans have been slamming democrats on the economy, jobs, taxes, and the crisis in the gulf, while democrats say
Jul 4, 2010 11:00pm EDT
than on the nation's birthday. today nearly 4000 candidates became u.s. citizens in ceremonies across the country. including one in annapolis. >> they came from two dozen countries. from cameroon to canada, guatemalans that south korea. 40 of america's newest citizens at a historical location. >> congratulations. [applause] >> naturalized on the 244th birthday of america, wearing smiles that said so much. >> i am elated and so happy. >> now they can take root in the country. >> i encourage them to vote, contribute, and make this country there's. just like every citizen. >> it was like a dream come true. it is good to finally be a citizen after so long. >> one nation, under god. >> the day gives great meaning for relatives to enjoy. >> i came to this country in 1977. like my sister, i have become a citizen. >> they joined 3800 new citizens across the country. under the theme of a spirit of independence, living out their american dream this fourth of july. >> today president obama invited an american military family to the white house. >> on this day that is uniquely american, we are re
Jul 25, 2010 11:00pm EDT
, an end to this disaster may finally number sight. >> u.s. oil supplies may be dwindling after venezuelan president threatened to cut supplies if there is a military attack on colomcolombia. still ahead on 11:00 news tonight, arizona's controversial immigration law sparks debate around the country. we'll have the latest. plus, two americans missing in afghanistan. tonight, the taliban claims to know what happened. >> by tomorrow morning, the cold front that went through this evening will be well south of us, meaning less humid air. >> all eyes are on arizona this week as the state's controversial immigration law goes into effect thursday. the law would require police who are making routine stops to check immigration status if there is reason to believe they may be illegal. >> it's a big assertion of power to take down a state statute before it's had a chance to go into effect and to say at this particular stage it's unconstitutional. so she won't do that casually. >> police are beefing up patrols and learning how to enforce the new law. the law will go into effect unless blocked by a fede
Jul 11, 2010 11:00pm EDT
hours in afghanistan. at least one dozen civilians and five u.s. troops have been killed in a wave of attacks. two were killed in southern kandahar. one died as the result of small arms fire, the other a roadside bomb, and the third concerted attack. -- an insurgent attacks. it was one of the most deadly months since the war began. there will be new rules that will make it easier for veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder to get federal health benefits. the president called this long overdue. on the home front, baltimore's va hospital is where ptsd can be transformed from a crippling mental wound to heal one. >> in baltimore alone, -- to a healed one. >> in baltimore alone, we had about 300 new veterans come into our ptsd program last year. we have about that same number every year coming in for service. >> up to 17% of veterans returning from a iraq and afghanistan will develop ptsd. new rules are expected to make getting help easier. no longer will veterans have to prove what caused their own this. instead, they will have to show that the conditions surrounding the time and
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4